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Moldovan president meets Romanian counterpart

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis pays an official visit to Moldova on 24-25 February, at an invitation by President Nicolae Timofti.

Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti met his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis within an official ceremony at the State Residence today.

The two heads of state had a face-to-face meeting, after which they took part in official talks with the participation of the two delegations.

Following the official talks, Nicolae Timofti and Klaus Iohannis gave a joint news conference, within which the Moldovan head of state made the following press statement: (video:

"Your Excellency, Mr President Klaus Iohannis,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank Mr President Iohannis for this visit to Moldova, a visit which strengthens the special relation between our countries and ensures continuity of all the common projects.

Our discussions comprises three major subjects: the bilateral relation, Moldova's European integration and the regional situation.

In terms of politics, we have full understanding on the subjects of common interest and on the political events of the last period.

On the bilateral dimension, we have under way numerous infrastructure projects: in the energy system, transport one, education, medicine, etc. These are vital projects for Moldova, and with the valuable support of Romania, they are materialised.

I told Mr president that I want more Romanian investments to come to Moldova, in all sectors, including the audiovisual.

We agreed on fostering the cultural and education exchanges, which help the people from the two banks of Prut get closer and provide premises needed for further cooperation.

As for the second topic, I assured Mr president that Moldova stayed firmly committed on the European integration path.  

In particular, this means carrying out the reforms provided for in the Association Agreement, with emphasis on justice, fighting corruption and economic development. 

We further rely on the valuable experience of Romania in its capacity of European Union member state, in implementing the EU acquis, the content of which is found, to a great extent, in the Association Agreement we signed with the European union. 

With the support of Romania and other European Union member states, we want to achieve a wide range of sectoral objectives, which are to contribute to Moldova's integration into the European Union's domestic market. 

We discussed in detail the crisis in Ukraine and I told Pr President Iohannis Moldova's opinion on what is happening in the region we are part of. 

Our message stays the same: of solidarity and support for the undertaken efforts, with participation of international partners, on identifying a peaceful political solution to the crisis, without interference from abroad, by observing the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.   

I once again thank Pr President Iohannis for this visit and for everything Romania is doing for Moldova."

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis made the following press statements:

"Romania will do its utmost to support Moldova in its European and democratic path. I assured President Nicolae Timofti that Romania stays committed to boost the political dialogue and concrete cooperation with Moldova.

We discussed the incontestable benefits of the European integration. This fact is proved even by the example of Romania. We both agreed that  the priorities of Moldova deal with pressing ahead with the reforms in areas with impact on the citizens: economy, reforming justice, fighting corruption. 

The enforcement of the provisions of the Association Agreement with EU represent concrete steps which can prove the Chisinau political elites' determination to advance on the European integration path.

We discussed the security situation at the borders of Moldova. I expressed concern about the implications the developments from Ukraine may have on the stability in Moldova. 

We see Romania as an anchor of stability in the region and a solid partner of the neighbour states, Moldova and Ukraine, on their way to Europe. We hope that the Moldovan citizens see Romania as a loyal and long-term partner.

I believe that the responsibility of ensuring this direction lies with all forces which gave their votes for the cabinet's investiture, in the sense of ensuring a stable government.

I wanted to have discussions with the leaders of the pro-European partners. For me, it is important now, after everybody has got rid of the pressures of the government's formation, to learn about the long-term plans, strategies, ways in which the European integration is supposed to be implemented. I want to discuss, to learn from them how this will be enforced, how they see Romania's support and what can we do to back Moldova efficiently."  

Asked by a journalist, Klaus Iohannis said that, to efficiently reform the justice, people's and political will is needed. 

"If the voters want to improve the political class, and we had situations when the electorate expressed quite clearly, then you will see that the politicians understand that something must be changed in approach. 

Obviously, there must be political will, as no matter how much the people want it, these things must be enforced by politicians. This is a tough road, yet it is the only road worth being covered to change the country deeply, to eradicate corruption which attempts at the well-being of the ordinary people," Klaus Iohannis said.