Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

President to enact a package of important social and economic laws

Today, the President of Moldova Igor Dodon enacted the package of laws for which the Government had assumed the Parliamentary liability.

These are the amendments to the Law on the unitary salary system in the budgetary sector, the Law on the state budget for 2020, the Law on the state social insurance budget for 2020 and the Law on compulsory health insurance funds for 2020.

Thus, following the amendments, the salaries of medical staff in medical institutions / subdivisions will increase in several stages: by 30% from September 1, 2020, by another 30% - starting with January 1, 2021, and by 40% - in the first half of next year.

Beneficiaries of state pensions and social allowances whose incomes do not exceed 3000 lei will benefit from a single support in the amount of 700 lei.

Economic agents will benefit from subsidies from the state by increasing the allowances for:

- National fund for the development of agriculture and rural environment + 100 million lei;

- Credit guarantee fund for the small and medium enterprises sector + 50 million lei.

For the development of entrepreneurial infrastructure within free economic zones, the Government will allocate 50 million lei, while for the state program “First House” – 20 million lei.

In total, about one million citizens of the Republic of Moldova will benefit from financial support from the state following the implementation of those laws, including pensioners and beneficiaries of social benefits, employees of the medical system, tens of thousands of farmers, thousands of small entrepreneurs, hundreds of families of policemen and military, dozens of descendants of doctors who have died of COVID-19.

Immediately after the promulgation of these laws the Government will start the procedures for their implementation.