Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president turns down candidacies of more magistrates

President Nicolae Timofti has rejected the candidacies of five magistrates proposed by the Superior Council of Magistracy.

The turned down candidates are:

Ion Turcan as head of the Centru district court, Chisinau municipality;

Natalia Berbec as judge to the Hincesti Court;

Serghei Gubenco, Grigore Colev and Stefan Starciuc as judges to the Comrat Court of Appeal.

While considering the proposed candidates, Timofti found that these magistrates do not meet the requirements stipulated by the Law on statute of judge.

In a letter sent to the Superior Council of Magistracy, the head of state said that the information presented by the institutions in charge raised the problem of integrity of these judges.

„I reiterate the previously provided stance on the need that the candidates for judge office should meet the high requirements stipulated by the law, in compliance with the spirit of reforms in the justice sector,” the letter reads.

At the same time, Nicolae Timofti demanded that the Superior Council of Magistracy additionally checks the abovementioned candidates from the viewpoint of integrity and compatibility with the interests of public post.