Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

New Year greetings by President Maia Sandu on the occasion of the New Year 2024

Dear compatriots!

We end this year with good news - a historic decision for our country. And we enter the New Year 2024 with hope!

The European Union's decision to start accession negotiations with Moldova means the hope for a better future for all Moldovans and the culmination of our joint efforts. It is the result not only of the actions taken in the past year but of the labor of all generations up to today, of the struggle for independence and freedom of our parents and the older generation.

We end this year realizing the challenges that lie ahead, but we are full of hope. Often, it seemed that fate had turned against our country. But in the most difficult times, hope kept us together. And now, after 30 years of waiting, we see that a new page is opening in the history of our State. I am not saying that the start of accession negotiations will automatically solve all problems. Only we, being united and strong, can cope with the problems of our society - one by one. And I say confidently that Moldova enters the New Year with hope!

This hope is not founded on blind faith in miracles, but rather on our shared conviction that we possess the ability, within our grasp, to bring about change. Hopes materialize only when accompanied by the resolve to transform circumstances. Throughout Moldova, this collective determination is evident in the endeavors of every citizen striving to turn dreams into reality.

These are the Moldovan Olympians who defy expectations, aiming not only to secure more medals but also to enhance our global standing.

 These are the diligent schoolchildren investing time and effort in their studies, aspiring to achieve outstanding results in their upcoming bachelor's degree exams.

These are the athletes proudly carrying the Moldovan flag worldwide, dedicating themselves wholeheartedly in the pursuit of our shared triumph.

These are the doctors who, with unwavering hope, exert every ounce of effort to save lives—each life holding immeasurable value.

These are the teachers who commit themselves to the hopeful task of educating generations, fostering intelligent young minds capable of shaping a prosperous future on home soil.

These are firefighters, road workers, artists, journalists, police officers, farmers, tailors, chefs, designers, garbage collectors, civil servants, diplomats, entrepreneurs, engineers - every citizen working to make hopes a reality.

This is the hope that together we will build a strong state, that there will be peace, safety, clean streets - and as much joy in families as possible. This is the kind of state that cares about its citizens, and everyone works hard for the common welfare.

To every one of you, I thank you! We only succeed together when each of us does our jobs honestly in our place of work. I encourage you to find opportunities to show gratitude to those around you and to appreciate each person for the valuable work they do.

We were led by the belief that we could do it - and it also inspired us not to give up. It's hard to believe that everything will work out when there are so many challenges around us. But that's how characters are formed. That is how a country is built. And with great gratitude, I thank you for the fact that together, with our heads held high, we managed to overcome a lot of the most difficult crises. I thank you for your faith - in us and Moldova!

We do not choose the country we are born in. And in the same way, we do not choose our children or families. However, we love them and do everything for them. The love for children, for family, and the nation exists - despite the challenges we face. And it gives us the strength to do our best to make life better. 

Sometimes we fail, sometimes we win - but the value of these moments is so much more important when we experience them all together. We are at a crossroads right now. And it is useful for all of us to ask ourselves the question: "What will we lose if we stop halfway?" All because we know exactly that we don't want to go back to the past, and we don't want to stand still. There will be challenges along the way, but there will also be victories. And it is essential that each of us - where we are - continue to believe, to fight, to work. Let us make sure that we are not just observers of our history but its creators.

We believe in Moldova, and this is what unites us!

In these last moments of a complicated year, in which, however, we lived full of hopes, I call you and wish you to find as many reasons as possible to be happy and proud of your achievements, of the successes of your loved ones - and of the successes of the whole Moldova. Sometimes, surrounded by worries, we forget about joys.

Let us remember what unites us and what makes us happy - hope for success, gratitude to the people around us, and this confidence that together, we will be able to build a decent and peaceful future for all the children of Moldova.

Happy New Year Moldova!