Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Title VI. Revision of the Constitution

Article 141. Initiatives for Revision

(1) The revision of the Constitution may be initiated by:

a) a number of at least 200,000 citizens of the Republic of Moldova with voting rights. The citizens initiating the revision of the Consti­tution must cover at least a half of the territo­rial-administrative units of the second level, and in each of these units must be registered at least 20000 signatures in support of the said initiative;

b) a number of at least one third of the mem­bers of Parliament;

c) the Government.

(2) Draft Constitutional laws shall be sub­mitted to Parliament only alongside with the advisory opinion of the Constitutional Court adopted by a vote of at least 4 judges.

Article 142. Limits of Revision

(1) The provisions regarding the sovereignty, independence and unity of the state, as well as those regarding the permanent neutrality of the State may be revised only by referendum with the vote of the majority of the registered citizens with voting rights.

(2) No revision shall be performed if it im­plies the infringement of fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens or their guarantees.

(3) The Constitution may not be revised un­der a state of national emergency, martial law or war.

Article 143. The Law Amending the Constitution

(1) Parliament is entitled to pass a law on amending the Constitution following at least 6 months from the date when the corresponding initiative has been submitted. The law shall be adopted by a vote of two-thirds of the mem­bers of Parliament.

(2) If, within a year from the date when the initiative amending the Constitution has been submitted, the Parliament did not pass the ap­propriate constitutional law, the proposal shall be deemed null and void.