Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

President Maia Sandu discussed with the Ambassadors of the European Union Member States

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, met today with the Ambassadors of the EU Member States accredited to our country.

The head of state thanked the European Union states for the aid we have received in the last three months for managing the flow of refugees from the neighbouring country, and for the European support for Moldova announced at the Berlin conference on 5 April. The discussion also focused on the current situation in Moldova and in the region, which is heavily influenced by the economic and security problems generated by the war in Ukraine.

"We shared our concerns regarding the energy sector and the rising prices, which have negative effects on the population and the economy. We also mentioned that, despite the difficult situation, we are determined to continue reforms in the areas of economy and justice, build energy independence and strengthen state institutions, preserve democracy and follow the European path of the country," President Maia Sandu said.  According to the head of state, authorities have channelled all their efforts towards the goal of European integration.

"We want to persuade European institutions that we approach this process with determination in order to integrate the Republic of Moldova into the EU,  both politically, economically and in terms of values. This is the most important signal of hope needed by our country and our citizens today", President Maia Sandu said at the end of the meeting.