Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president holds working meeting with Defence Ministry leadership

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, President Nicolae Timofti today held a working meeting with Defence Minister Viorel Cibotaru and Chief of General Staff, general Igor Gorgan.

Minister Viorel Cibotaru informed the president about plans on development of the Armed Forces.

General Igor Gorgan reported to the president about the Northern Shield 2015 tactical training exercise, scheduled for April. Demonstration firing are supposed to be conducted within the exercise to test the preparedness, organisation and relations among military staff. Also, the equipment and armament, as well as the artillery’s manoeuvre potential and ability and its cooperation with combat forces will be checked.

President Nicolae Timofti demanded that the Defence Ministry strengthens the capabilities of the Armed Forces. The president also instructed the organisation by the National Army of public events marking the National Flag and State Emblem Day without using military technology.